Most Holy Trinity Church
Most Holy Trinity Church

Most Holy Trinity Pro-Life Committee


The Mht Pro-Life Committee invites all parishioners to join us in helping to build a Culture of life

The committee seeks to promote Catholic teaching on life issues, based on the dignity and sanctity of each human being, from conception to natural death, and participates in prayer vigils, education initiatives and practical assistance to needy mothers and their newborn children.

If you would like to join our committee, please contact Brian Caulfield at 203.988.4856 or email at

Spiritual Adoption Program

Nearly 4,000 babies lose their lives to abortion each day in this country. It is these unknown babies we are being asked to “spiritually adopt” for the next nine months.

They are unborn babies at risk, who may never be given a chance to be carried to term and live out God’s plan for them.
Spiritual Adoption: How Does This Work?

  • You may sign up, individually or as a family, to “adopt” an unborn child.
  • Participants in the program give a name to that child and pray for nine months for that child in the womb — a baby who is unknown to you, but known to God. Pray for the baby, the mother, the father. Pray for LIFE!
  • It is never to late to begin to pray for an unborn baby, so give us a call! Join the MHT families who are already praying daily for these babies and be a part of our efforts to build a culture of life.