Most Holy Trinity Church
Most Holy Trinity Church

Mission Possible Ministry

Mission Statement

 Extending the love of Christ through our physical labor to help the less fortunate beyond the walls of Most Holy Trinity Catholic Church while building our faith and sense of community. 


Mission Possible will help restore homes and facilities for less fortunate people impacted by natural disasters and economic need. 

Members will say a communal morning and evening pray on a rotating basis and include all languages spoken within the group.

The group is expected to be together most of the time. Tasks on the jobsite are often done in teams and everyone is expected to help. If people want to arrive late or leave early, they must provide their own transportation. Sleeping and bathroom facilities are often in common. Eating meals together is encouraged but is not required. A cold breakfast will be provided at the lodgings and members will be able to make sandwiches for lunches. Dinner will be take-out, eaten out or a simple cook-out depending on time available, funds and other situations.

The group will consist of adults, 18 years or older. All members must be Virtus trained and an active member of one of the Wallingford parishes or a relative.

The ideal mission will be “turn key” meaning an onsite organizer will provide the materials, direction, approvals, permits and safe working conditions. Most turn key missions require an upfront donation for materials. This is often a fixed fee independent of the number of people on the trip. A non-turn key mission could be considered but would require much more extensive planning by Mission Possible. Mission trips should be within a day’s drive. Trips should be no more than seven days and no fewer than five days depending on the distance traveled. 

Mission Possible trips have averaged 15 members but a group of up to 20 could be accommodated. All applicants must fill out the required forms and be approved by the pastor.

Members will be asked to donate $150 to offset the costs. The balance of the mission trip funds has come from the pasta dinner, the St. Patrick’s dinner and a portion of the Wine and Beer Tasting, if done, or other fund raisers as the team and parish may decide to hold.

All mission travelers should have their own health insurance and complete a Holy Trinity traveler’s application. If the group we’re assisting has their own traveler’s form, that must be completed as well.

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Check out the Church’s Facebook page, as well as the Twitter handle: @MHTMissionPossible. Thank you to the hundreds who supported our very successful Pasta Dinner, and raising more than $3,000 for the trip!