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Religious Education

Religious education classes

Students entering grades 1-9 in 2020/2021 must be registered for Religious Education Classes. Registration is held at our Religious Education office located on the Parish Center (former convent.) This includes registration for students entering the Confirmation Program, who are in grade 8 and grade 9. Payment for classes is due at the time of registration. Children who are registering for Grade 1, or who are new to the program and were not baptized at Most Holy Trinity, are required to bring a copy of their baptism certificate at the time of registration. Children entering Grade 3, who received First Holy Communion in another parish, must also bring a copy of this certificate at the time of registration. Call the Religious Education Office for answers to questions regarding registration, or to inquire about being a Religious Education volunteer or teacher, 203-265-6300. You can contact us via email at  



Monday:  Grades 1-6, 4:00-5:15 PM; Grades 7-8, 6:45-8:00 PM; Grade 9, 6:45-8:15 PM

Saturday: Grades 1-6, 9:00-10:15 AM

Contact Us

Reverends: Andrés Mendoza Floyd
Coordinator: Frances Selmecki 

Holy Trinity School

11 North Whittlesey Avenue, Wallingford, Connecticut 06492, United States Phone: (203) 265-6300 Fax: (203) 294-4983

Office Hours

Open today

01:00 pm – 06:00 pm

Religious Education Guidelines

Parental Responsibilities

The office should be notified regarding a change of address and/or telephone number. Non-published numbers will be kept confidential. Students must be registered in Religious Education class for the same grade they attend in public school. Please note on the calendar classes that will take place at church. Students should be dropped off and picked up at church at regular arrival and dismissal times (unless otherwise noted). If you have a child in class at school and another that is having class at church on the same day, please pick up the child at school first. An adult will stay at church until all students have been picked up. If a student will not be in class, parents are asked to notify the Religious Education Office (203-265-6300) of the absence, leaving the student’s name, grade and reason for absence.


Students will gather in the playground area behind the school. Grades 1,2, and 3 are to use the door closest to the Parish Center; grades 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 and 9 are to use the door closest to Center Street. When the bell rings, teachers and students should proceed to the classroom in a quiet, orderly manner. No guests will be allowed in the classroom unless permission is given by the office. During inclement weather, students may wait in the first floor corridor until the teacher arrives. AT NO TIME should students be in the classroom without a teacher present.


In the interest of safety and order, the following dismissal procedure should be observed:

Each class will proceed down the Center Street stairway in a double file. Each class will then wait at the bottom of the stairs for dismissal by their teacher. Students may not be dismissed from the building unless there is a traffic officer at the corner.

If a parent is late, students will be kept inside the hallway until the parent arrives. When requesting a student’s early dismissal from class, parents are asked to send a note stating the time and reason for the dismissal. Also, parents should come to the office to pick up their child at the requested dismissal time.


Each student will receive a class syllabus along with his/her textbook. The syllabus will be stapled to the inside cover of the textbook. This syllabus will inform you of the weekly assignment for your child’s grade level. If a student is absent, parents are encouraged to assist their child with his/her assignment. When absent, students are responsible for completing that week’s assignment on the class syllabus and it must be handed in to the teacher the following week.

Progress Reports

Student progress reports are distributed twice a year. The first progress report will be mailed home the first week in January; the second progress report is handed out to the students on the last day of class. If you have any concerns about your child’s progress, please call the Religious Education Office at 203-265-6300.

Home School Program

A home school program has been implemented for grades 3 through 7 for Most Holy Trinity Religious Education students who are not able to attend classes when offered. The Home School tuition is the same as regular Religious Education classes and the schedule closely follows the Grade Level (3 – 7) syllabus. Please contact the Religious Education office (203-265-6300) with any questions.

Cancellation & Snow Days

Class cancellations due to inclement weather will be announced over Channel 3, Channel 4, and Channel 8, the church website – or Facebook. Whenever schools close because of inclement weather, Religious Education Classes are likewise canceled. Please do not call the SCHOOL OR RECTORY. WHENEVER THERE IS A CANCELLATION, YOUR CHILD WILL BE EXPECTED TO COMPLETE THE ASSIGNMENT LISTED ON THEIR SYLLABUS AND HAND IN TO THEIR TEACHER THE NEXT CLASS.


Children who disrupt the classroom atmosphere will be sent to the Religious Education Office.

First referral – The student, catechist and coordinator will discuss the referral. A form will be completed regarding the discussion.

Second referral – A phone call will be made home to notify the parent of the situation.

Third referral – A conference with parent, priest, coordinator, teacher and student will be held to determine if the child will remain in the program.

Student Guidelines

Items in the desk or around the room are not to be touched at any time. Gum chewing and candy are not allowed in the school or in the school yard. If a student is tardy, he/she is asked to report to the office to obtain a “TARDY” slip. If the door is locked, please be aware that the doorbell is located on the right side of the Center Street door. The school bathrooms are located in the basement of the building. Grades 1 and 2 are NOT ALLOWED in the basement alone and are required to use the buddy system at all times! Because of limited classroom time, students are asked to take care of this matter before coming to class. All cell phones are to be turned off during class time and of course, texting is not allowed. If a cell phone should go off during class time, it will be given to the teacher until class ends..