Guardians of the Eucharist

A message from Father Walsh:

In recent years there has been a recurring problem of people not consuming the communion Host. We have found the Sacred host, which is the true Body and Blood of Christ outside the church, as well as in various locations within the church.


The Ministers of Holy Communion, including the Priests and Deacons, try to ensure that each communicant consume the Host when It is received in the hands, but it is difficult at Sunday Masses when there are so many people receiving Communion.


The Knights of Columbus have volunteered to help the Clergy and Extraordinary Ministers with this undertaking. For some time now, they have been helping at the 10:30 AM Mass as Guardians of the Eucharist, standing alongside the Minister of Communion, ready to remind a communicant, when necessary, of the need of consuming the Host.


They are now seeking to expand this ministry to the other Sunday Masses and Saturday Vigil Mass as well. I invite all Knights as well as men of the parish, to assist them one Mass per month with this task.


If you are interested in being a Guardian of the Eucharist and being on the schedule once a month during Mass you regularly attend, please contact the rectory to be placed on the schedule.


Schedule for Guardians of the Eucharist

Current Roster and Mass Schedule:

Current roster: Ned Bailey, Brian Caulfield, Jim Citak, Paul Healey, Marty Mansfield, David Nicefaro, Greg Seledyn, and Tom Wehner

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